Shooting Schedule IDPA Trinidad 2022 Event Calendar.

Event Calendar

NB: Interested persons must pre register for all IDPA classifications

Further information can be obtained by calling IDPA Headquarters at (868) 280-5936

IDPA 2022 Calendar

Saturday- 2pm to 7pm
Sunday- 10am to 3pm
Month Days Dates
January Saturday 15th & 29th
Sunday 09th & 23rd
February Saturday 12th & 26th
Sunday 06th & 20th
March Saturday 12th & 26th
Sunday 06th & 20th
April Saturday 09th & 23rd
Sunday 03rd
May Saturday 07th & 21st
Sunday 01st &15th & 29th
June Saturday 04th & 18th
Sunday 12th & 26th
July Saturday 02nd &16th & 30th CANCELLED
Sunday 10th & 24th
August Saturday 13th & 27th
Sunday 07th & 21st
September Saturday 10th
Sunday 04th & 18th 
October Saturday 08th & 22nd CANCELLED
Sunday 02nd & 16th & 30th CANCELLED
November Saturday 05th & 19thCancelled
Sunday 13th & 27th Cancelled
December Saturday 03rd Cancelled
Sunday 11th Cancelled
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